Nov 28

Nine ways to get more customers through your door

Every business needs to advertise and market their products or services in order to survive. Without getting their name out into their market then there is no way they can keep bringing sales into the business in order to pay the bills and carry on growing. In this article we will talk about nine ways to get more customers through your door.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to help close leads. All businesses should be building their own email marketing list since day 1. There are many free programs that will allow you to have up to 2-3,000 subscribers before you have to pay anything.

2. Leaflets / Flyers

Leaflet marketing is cost effective way to get your company’s message into the homes of your potential customers. Whilst leaflets may only get a small return rate they’re just like any other type of marketing – you need to repeat it over and over again to get a good return on your investment.

3. Telemarketing


For some businesses telemarketing isn’t suitable, however for a lot of businesses it’s the best way to bring in new clients. As a method of marketing for start ups its great as there is no expensive equipment or upfront cost, all you need is a phone, the internet and a good sales script.

4. Landing Pages

When you run a direct mail campaign or a telemarketing campaign it might be worth setting up a separate landing page on your website that your potential customers can go to and find out more about what you do. You should try to tailor the landing page to the people who would be looking at it and also make sure you have a strong call to action and a clear, easy way for them to contact you.

5. Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is a fantastic way of driving new traffic to your website. It might take a while to set up and there will be a lot of tweaking of your ads but once you’ve found an ad that works well and a good set of keywords then you can sit back and watch the traffic roll in – although, if you’re on a budget then make sure you put on a monthly limit. Your destination URL might be your store locator app page to attract even more customers to your locations.

6. Networking

Networking is a good way to quickly get your name out there, again its more suitable to certain businesses than others however it should make up a big part of your time during the start up phase. Search out local networking groups and go along to one. 

7. Article marketing

If you are looking for a great way to significantly boost your email list, your traffic, and your bottom line, then you should adopt article marketing as your main form of marketing. Article writing is an essential component of every successful online business, and if you want success online, you have to put in the effort to incorporate it into your daily work schedule. 

8. Social media


A lot of commercial ventures are on social media because the platform has evolved from simply being a “place” to connect with long lost friends and family to an effective source for engaging and gaining customers. Of course, maintaining your business’s profile isn’t just about posting updates of your services. To achieve effective engagement with your followers and new customers, you need to deliver interesting content. For example, you may want to share lawn mowing business tips and do reviews of power mowers. Providing interesting and consistent content will work towards building your online authority as a well-established and first-rate services outfit.

9. Press release 

Lastly, make a press release available only at your place of business. The press release could contain recent information about the latest breakthrough regarding your industry. And, don’t forget that special telephone number for people to call to get more information. Marketing efforts don’t always have to be tiring. By using these suggested techniques, you can unlock the door to strategies that will prove to be profitable.